Why I Heart IUDs

I used to be a terrible pill taker. On more than one occasion, taking my daily pill would completely slip my mind, and you can just forget about taking it at the same time every day. I was hopeless. Now, this wasn’t because I wanted to get pregnant—believe me I didn’t—the pill just didn’t fit my life. That’s why I am now probably one of the biggest IUD fans around. When I first got my IUD, it was like a huge weight had been lifted. First, it eliminated my worry of unintended pregnancy (yay!), plus I no longer had to feel guilty about missing a pill (double yay!). It’s now been five years and I haven’t looked back once. I am confident that I’m protecting myself in the best way possible, and if and when I decide I’m ready to be a parent, I can easily get my IUD taken out. Once an IUD is removed, women can start trying to get pregnant right away, so there isn’t even any lag time. Do I hear a triple yay?

At this point, I’ve sort of become a living, breathing infomercial for IUDs. Any chance I get, I talk up their virtues, tell my friends how and where to get one for themselves, and bust down the myths that might be standing in the way of future IUD users. Sometimes I find myself discussing IUDs with people whom the contraceptive topic doesn’t even apply, such as my 94-year-old grandma. I’ve also been known to bring it up to folks who probably never thought about discussing birth control options with me at all. FYI, my yoga instructor has an IUD too, now—I can be very persuasive. But the best part is, IUDs aren’t just about birth control anymore. A new study actually found that women with IUDs are about half as likely to develop cervical cancer compared to women without them.

Cervical cancer is caused by specific strains of the human papilloma virus (HPV), and through this study, researchers found that IUDs seem to have this protective effect even in women who already have HPV. Wow, that’s big. Protection against unexpected pregnancy AND protection against the big C? Hearing that was like the cherry on top of an already-perfect ice cream sundae. This incredibly effective and convenient birth control method has other benefits for women’s health. Just imagine my joy to hear that slice of noteworthy news. It makes me wonder what other undiscovered benefits IUDs have up their 99%-effective-against-unplanned-pregnancy sleeves…

In the end, if you think all this is interesting, you can learn lots more about IUDs here. Then, if you think it might be a good method for you, visit our clinic locator to find a health care provider you can talk to about your options. You can also check out the details about HPV, its link to cervical cancer, and how you can protect yourself here. Arming yourself with knowledge is the best way to make the right choice for you and your body, so here’s your chance to get informed and get on the road to easy, breezy (and highly protective) birth control.