Back Up Your Birth Control with EC

Reminding people to keep emergency contraception on hand is the main message of the Back Up Your Birth Control campaign. Emergency Contraception – or EC –works up to 5 days after unprotected sex to prevent a pregnancy (it won’t work if you’re already pregnant). EC is available to women and men 17 and older without a prescription — so get it and keep it on hand for those times it is needed. Because most forms of EC work best the sooner you take it, keeping it around means it is ready for the it to be used as the good prevention resource it is. And while you’re at it, remind a friend that he or she might want to keep EC on hand, too.

Paying for something you don’t know when you’ll need to use it may make you hesitate. Take a minute to check out our health center finder for low cost options for EC.

And who would have guessed that EC is looking for its own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for its role in the new romantic comedy The Pill (see the trailer here). This multi award winning feature film showcases the need for access to emergency contraception. It has just been released on Cable Movies on Demand and will only be available through the end of April. The Pill takes a fresh look at the issue of emergency contraception and illustrates the uncomfortable moment after unprotected sex that a couple experiences, while also providing factual information about EC in a comedic way.

Help spread the word about this safe and effective way to prevent a pregnancy – even after those “oops” circumstances.