Keeps the Conversation Going Online

We’re all about getting the conversation started, and what better way to get a conversation started then through Facebook and Twitter! As we all know (and we confirmed with research) the 18 to 29-year-olds we’re trying to Get Talking are incredibly active on social channels. In fact, more than 86 percent of internet users in this age group use social media to connect to friends. Plus, this age group actively seeks out information on sexual health online.

That’s why we created – to be an online hub of sexual health information for young adults in Colorado seeking trustworthy, factual information about pregnancy, birth control and STDS. Not only can you find information on our website, but you can also connect with us online to learn even more and share your thoughts!’s Facebook page is a place for users to find the latest news from, as well as breaking news and pop culture mentions about health, pregnancy, birth control and STDs. With features like Pop Culture Pass on the weekends, your guide to pop culture mentions of sexual health, to Future Friday, where we discuss how sexual health can impact your future, Facebook is a great way to connect with

On Twitter (@Beforeplay_org), tweets about sexual heath, and even joins in on sexual health conversations like #MethodMonday with our friends at Bedsider. We also follow other sexual health advocates for the latest news in pregnancy, birth control and STDs. Tweet at us to learn more!

If you want to see what our Just Talk About It street team is doing around Colorado, or you just want to watch our cheeky commercials, you can go to’s YouTube page to check out our fun videos.

Be sure to connect with online to keep the conversation going about these important health issues!