Beforeplay Shines at New West Fest

New West Fest and Bohemian Nights. With an event name like that, there’s no way Beforeplay was going to miss out on the action. So we packed up our tent, team and gear and made the drive to Fort Collins to set up shop for the bustling, three-day event. Our booth was open on Saturday, August 11 and Sunday, August 12 and was staffed by our enthusiastic Beforeplay reps. We were thrilled to just talk about it—“it” being birth control, sex, STD protection and pregnancy—with all our new friends in Northern Colorado.

New West Fest is sponsored by the Ft. Collins Downtown Business Association and Bohemian Nights—the arts, culture and music sector of the Bohemian Foundation. Fun, fresh and totally free to attend, the event attracts people of all ages for some summertime music and excitement. Beforeplay was proud to represent how to have a great time while also staying safe. Our mega-sized dice game became a popular attraction for visitors and we awarded prizes to top players. We were a huge hit with the festival musicians and twenty-something crowd, and parents even stopped by with their kiddies.

In just two short days, we were able to talk with hundreds of booth visitors and easily had direct contact with 1,300 people while many more passed by taking pictures of our banners and creative. We handed out nearly 4,000 pieces of Beforeplay swag, including condoms, magnets, t-shirts, boxers, gum packs and more. We also referred lots of locals to the Larimer County Department of Health clinic where they could find additional information and sexual health resources. And we got some stellar photo shout-outs via Facebook.

All in all, it was a very successful weekend for the Beforeplay street team and we’re looking forward to where we’ll take the conversation next.