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  • Reasons to Engage in Sex

    By Isadora Alman

    If I pose the questions “Why would anyone engage in sex? Why would you?” does the answer seem obvious? It isn’t always. Really. Just for starters here are some possible reasons any person …

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  • Kori Wilford: Outreach Coordinator Blog

    What does mean to you? It means being thoughtful about sex and taking control of your sexual health and well-being. I think of the term as a sex-positive word to describe the …

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  • Is Swallowing Semen Bad for Me?

    Performing oral sex on a male partner typically has the same, familiar outcome as other kinds of sex: out comes the cum. For some couples, the performing partner will swallow his or her partner’s …

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  • A Gay Man in a Straight Sex Ed Class

    By Christopher Katis

    What I Didn’t Learn in Sex Ed – Ignoring the needs of gay men There used to be this independent book store in Salt Lake that all the hip college students, granola hippies, pot heads and other …

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  • Here, You See Us. Here, You Don’t.

    Since launching, we’ve done a hefty amount of advertising throughout Colorado. Hopefully you’ve seen or heard an ad or two when you’ve been walking, driving, waiting for the bus, …

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  • I Think I’m Pregnant. Now What?

    Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a simple, catchall answer for this? In actuality, what to do really depends on how long you think you’ve been pregnant and what you want to do about …

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  • Beforeplay Shines at New West Fest

    New West Fest and Bohemian Nights. With an event name like that, there’s no way Beforeplay was going to miss out on the action. So we packed up our tent, team and gear and made the drive to Fort …

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  • What’s in semen (cum)?

    For some people, performing oral sex on a male partner includes swallowing semen. And that leads them to wonder- what’s in that stuff? When a man typically ejaculates, he produces about one …

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