Carlee Taga: Outreach Organizer Blog

What does mean to you? is a great resource for young people to educate themselves about sex, STI prevention, birth control, unintended pregnancy and sexuality. The internet is a wonderful resource in so many ways – especially regarding topics that can be difficult or awkward to talk about – but it’s also full of bad information. is an easily-accessible, factual and fun site for people to use! also means great outreach! I love doing outreach and answering questions. There’s nothing better than happy people educating others about what it means to have safe, consensual sex!

How did you get involved in

I had seen on channel 9 news and ‘liked’ the Facebook page. When they put a post up about needing volunteers, I got in touch with the outreach coordinator and starting volunteering. I immediately was taken by the passion and joy in the group. From then on, I was volunteering as much as I could – sometimes two or three times per week!

What is your favorite ad and why?

I love the, “I’m ready for a relationship, not a baby” posters. It’s empowering because the two things don’t automatically intertwine! It’s important to break stereotypes and allow people to think differently about sex – this is a great example of that!

What is your favorite outreach item and why?

Our condoms and lube! They always solicit a great reaction from people and are the best icebreaker I know! Plus, they are super colorful!

Has impacted you in any way and how?

Before I volunteered with, sex was kind of hard to talk about. Even though I am super passionate about safe, consensual sex, the topic is still taboo. You never know what kind of reaction you are going to get from people when you bring it up. I knew when I did outreach it would force me out of my shell. I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised. People are actually incredibly willing to talk about it – which helped me become more confident and comfortable!

How do people usually react when you mention

My favorite reaction is always, “Oh! I have already seen you guys around Denver!” or “I checked out your Facebook page and now I’m on the pill!” It makes me feel so proud to know that is reaching so many people and truly making a difference in people’s lives.

What is your favorite outreach interaction that you have had with others?

One of my favorite outreach moments was at Denver Cruisers Night. It was an awesome night for outreach – we talked to so many people and answered so many questions. But what made it extra special was it was the first night I introduced a new volunteer into It reminded me of my own first night of volunteering. She fell in love with it as much as I did, so it made me happy. She continues to volunteer with today!

What have you learned since being involved with

For as “taboo” as sex is, people really enjoy talking about it. That being said, safety and consent are still not a huge part of the discussion. Beforeplayers bring that conversation to the table in an easy, light way. With over 20k ‘likes’ on Facebook, it’s clear that we’re having an impact. But there’s still more work to do!

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