Cecelia Kluding: Outreach Organizer Blog

What is your favorite Beforeplay.org ad and why?

Without a doubt, my favorite Beforeplay.org ad is that asking “Do you have a raincoat for your sailor?” I love this question because when I am out at fairs or events with the banner, folks who pass by rarely read it just once, it causes people to stop and think for a second about what message the banner is trying to convey. Once they figure it out, I almost always get a laugh followed by a question about our resources and materials.

What does Beforeplay.org mean to you?

When I first was learning about Beforeplay.org, I was shocked to find a campaign that aligned so well with my beliefs about how to best approach sexual health as a whole. The mission statement indicated that Beforeplay.org works to be a hub of sexual health information and knowledge and in the past two years I have been involved in the campaign, I have seen us accomplish this mission. Beforeplay.org has worked hard to include relevant information on our site, information that may be difficult to access if Beforeplay.org did not exist. I feel lucky to have this resource to share with folks in my community.

What is your favorite Beforeplay.org outreach item and why?

Hands down I would choose the conversation magnets because of their unique and stylish appearance. The words included in the magnets also assist in promoting another one of our goals, to “Just Talk About It.” When I am out and about hosting a booth, people will come up to my table and ask if they can take another color– to help finish their collection. Every time I work at Auraria Campus in Denver, at least a few people will come up saying “I got the blue magnets at (insert community event) and I was wondering if I could have the red and green magnets so I can make more phrases on my fridge?” My answer is always, “Yes, please!”

How did you get involved in Beforeplay.org?

Sexual Health and AIDS Awareness Peer Education (SHAPE) is a peer education program that is fostered through a collaboration of the some of Beforeplay.org’s fabulous community partners, Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center and Boulder County AIDS Project. This peer education program recruited teen-aged students in the Boulder Valley and St. Vrain school districts to become experts in the area of sexual health and reproductive justice. Being a part of this program for three years, I developed a drive for advancing sexual health knowledge and doing so in a more interactive way. This meant that I didn’t believe abstinence-only approaches were effective in promoting healthy sexuality, relationships, behaviors, and choices. Beforeplay.org is the young adult version of peer education especially because the folks on the ground, promoting and sustaining the campaign are young adults themselves (ourselves?) and understand the importance and relevance of our work.

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