Connecting with Colorado Springs – Just Talk About It Teams Make the Rounds

Did you know that more than 40 percent of pregnancies in El Paso County happen on accident? Our Just Talk About It Teams were in Colorado Springs on Friday, Feb.17 to get conversations started about important health topics featured on including pregnancy, birth control and STDs.

Our team started their visit in Colorado Springs with a stop at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) Campus. On campus, students “rolled the dice” about different issues and then learned more about sexual health and won fun goodies, like boxers, T-shirts, gum and lip balm! Our knowledgeable team members passed out condoms with reminders of why to use them and fun prizes while sharing interesting sexual health facts with adults ages 18-29.

We made a quick stop at Acacia Park and then it was off to various Colorado Springs hot spots like Blondie’s, Cowboy’s and Copperhead Road House, where the dice even made its way onto the dance floor a few times during the night. We shared statistics about pregnancy and STDs in Colorado, as well as resources on that can help young adults plan for their future, like our Are You Ready? tool to help plan for pregnancy, birth control method selector and conversation starters.

Why 18-29 year-olds? This is the age group with the highest incidence of unintended pregnancy in Colorado at 42 percent! We’re hoping by helping normalize the conversation around planning to have a baby and protecting yourself, that we can help make a real impact on young adults’ health and future.

Our Just Talk About It Teams will be making stops in two more Colorado cities in the following weeks. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more details to see some of what’s been going on.