Does Frequent Ejaculation Reduce Sperm Count?

It’s a common misconception that ejaculating before sex—say, by masturbating—is an effective way to reduce sperm counts and, as a result, prevent pregnancy. So to keep a short story short, we’ll just tell it to you straight: this is completely false.

Sure, if a guy ejaculates before sex, those specific sperm—as long as they’re nowhere near a woman’s vagina—aren’t in the running to get her pregnant. But right after ejaculation, his sperm reserves will naturally start to replenish and the cycle begins all over again. You have to remember, it only takes ONE sperm to fertilize an egg, and where there’s cum, there’s sperm. So even after masturbating, if a guy can get hard enough to have sex and produce any amount of cum (even pre-cum), there is a chance of pregnancy.

As if there weren’t enough differences between men and women, this topic actually brings up a pretty interesting one. As women age and go through menopause, they stop menstruating. This natural process means they are no longer releasing eggs or able to get pregnant, usually around the age of 51. Men, on the other hand, can stay fertile their entire lives. That means even after a whole lifetime of ejaculation, that sperm count is still up and active.

So guys, go ahead and ejaculate as many times as you want, but it’s not going to reduce your sperm count and it’s definitely not going to be an effective method of birth control. Lucky for you, there are lots of legit methods out there, and you can explore them all right here.