Don’t Count on Luck to Keep You Safe When Getting Lucky on St. Patrick’s Day

Although St. Patrick’s Day started out as a cultural and religious holiday in Ireland, the holiday has become a worldwide celebration of Irish culture complete with leprechauns, parades, the wearing of green clothing, the consumption of green beer and plenty of soliciting from people to, “kiss me I’m Irish!”

So although the luck of the Irish may be with you on St. Patrick’s Day, you shouldn’t take a chance with your sexual health on this festive day – or any other! Counting on good luck isn’t the way to make sure you’re protected when you’re “getting lucky”. So before you start these much heralded celebrations or kissing any Blarney Stones, keep the condoms with you to protect against any STDs and make sure that you’ve done your part so that whatever contraceptive method you’re using is all set. May the good luck of the Irish be with you – and remember your protection in your own hands. You can learn more about birth control and STDs at