Getting Oral with STDs

Think you can’t get an STD from oral sex? Think again, Beforeplay fans. This whole “oral sex doesn’t count as real sex” thing is a total myth. Unfortunately, since oral sex is often considered “safer” than vaginal and anal intercourse, many people tend to forget that it too can have some serious consequences. While it is absolutely true that you cannot get pregnant from it, the risk for STD transmission is very real. To be fair though, not all STDs can be spread orally. If you want to view a full STD list and learn exactly how each is transmitted, click to our Uncovering STDs tool.

And now that the business side of this blog is out of the way, let’s talk pleasure. If you want to have safe oral sex (doesn’t everyone?), you do have some options. Using a latex condom or a dental dam is a great way to block the exchange of body fluids, but still enjoy all the ohhhs and aaahs of oral sex. In case you were wondering, a dental dam is a latex rectangle that can be placed between the mouth and the vagina, vulva, or anus, so it works a lot like a condom will on penis. Next time you’re out there having some fun, just make sure you’re prepared—there’s nothing sexier than being safe.