Getting S.T.D. Tests after Unprotected S.E.X.

So you think you’ve been exposed to an STD. Okay, first things first, try not to panic. We know you’re probably a little freaked out (maybe a lot freaked out) and you might even be experiencing some uncomfortable symptoms, but it’s important to stay calm and take action as early as possible. The first step is to get a test.

STD and STI symptoms can show up in just a couple of days, or it can take months. Even more challenging is that many STDs show no symptoms at all when you have them. That’s why it’s super important to hold off on any further sexual activity if you think you’ve been exposed. Even with no physical signs of infection, you can still pass an STD on to partners, so it’s a good idea to keep those pants on until you have been tested and treated, if necessary. Or at the very least, talk to your partner about your concerns and use condoms to protect yourself should those pants find their way off (remember: condoms protect against everything).

Now we bet you’re reading this and hoping for some kind of silver lining, so we won’t keep you waiting any longer. The good news is that most STDs are totally treatable and getting tested is no biggie at all. If you think you’ve been exposed, just make an appointment with your health care provider or local health center as soon as possible. Early detection is key, so get the test and then get on with living your life. Trust us, the guessing game is much worse than finding out for sure and taking care of your health.