Getting Under the Underwear

By Kristine Esser

Whether it has been months leading up to the first night you and your significant other make love or it’s a one night stand, sometimes getting under the underwear is the most awkward battle – or even fight – of the night. It can even break the mood, which neither of you want. I’ll have to admit, I haven’t always been the smoothest in this area myself and have experienced some partners painfully undressing me too. Here are a few tips that may help:

Men’s underwear

I have found that the problem area lies with the elastic band. The trouble is that once he becomes aroused his penis can oftentimes get caught in the elastic band when you’re trying to get him out of his skivvies. My trick? Have a firm grip on the band and then make sure to pull it far away enough from his body and then down. Even genteelly push his penis towards his body, if needed. But whatever you do, try not to pull straight down. This is when his member can get caught.

Women’s bra

This has been said to be the trickiest part of taking a women’s clothing off. And I would have to agree. If the bra is fitted right it should be tighter across the back and might not always be the easiest to do one handed, which is usually the preferred way by veteran sexual folks. First of all, don’t feel like you HAVE to use one hand. You can stay fluid and in the moment using two hands. Even start kissing the neck rather than the mouth to keep concentration on the bra removal and be able to take a quick peek in case you run into some trouble.

Women’s bottoms

This might be the least troublesome of the underwear conflicts. Some times this even takes care of itself when the woman’s pants come off and the panties just come off with them – especially when they are wearing skinny jeans. My number one recommendation is to always be gentle when dealing with this article of clothing. Even though you may be in a rush to get all of the clothes off, you don’t want to cause any agony to the very thing you want to make feel awesome.

Nobody has it easy when it comes to taking off clothing. Unfortunately, it can be more troublesome than anyone wants it to be. Just remember to take your time.

Written by Kristine Esser
Kristine is a sex, relationship and marketing writer who calls Indianapolis home. When she isn’t reading and researching the former she is perfecting her poetry and giving her friends dating and sex advice. Feel free to reach out to her for any advice you’d like.

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