Driving Awareness of Family Planning

So, what do SUVs and family planning have in common? Well, aside from the whole soccer-moms-drive-vans thing, the answer is: quite a bit. And it’s thanks a lot to Honda’s recent TV commercial for their newly designed CR-V.

The spot opens on a young couple shopping at a street fair when the woman says to her husband/boyfriend (we couldn’t quite tell if there was a ring or not), “I think I want a baby.” In response, the guy starts describing all the great things they were going to do (and drive to in their snazzy Honda) before they took the leap to have a child.

Watch it now:

What we found so interesting about this commercial is that the concept of family planning—heavy on the planning—came through loud and clear. And it did so in a context no usually linked to the birth control conversation. These topics pop up everywhere, sometimes totally unexpectedly, but oftentimes completely naturally. Honda’s commercial shows that this kind of “baby talk” is just a part of life.

That said, an unintended pregnancy is something that’s 100% preventable should you choose to take some simple safety measures. We love the idea of young people experiencing new things before and after babies, and appreciate Honda’s messages that there are so many amazing opportunities in life, and that having a baby can fit in whenever it feels right to you.

Now, the female lead in this commercial was pretty brazen in her approach to discuss her intentions. But we know these types of conversations aren’t always so easy to start. If you’re in a situation about birth control, pregnancy or even STDs and don’t quite know how to talk about it with your partner, friends, family or health care provider, check out our Get Talking tool for some unique approaches. You may even find that they steer you in the right direction. Sorry for the car pun—we had to do it.

Safe driving out there.