Safe Surprise Sex: It’s a thing

By Kristine Esser

Some of the hottest sex is when it is unexpected. This usually happens when there is an unreal amount of passion in a relationship, whether it is emotional, physical or both. But what if you want to inject a little more spontaneity into your sex life while still playing it safe? Here are a couple of tips/games that have worked for me:

Hide the condom

For starters, buy a fresh box of condoms. Next you and your partner each take half. Then each of you hide one condom in each place you’d like to have sex – anywhere you think would be fun or sexy! Think of places like the kitchen cabinet so when they open it you can have sex on the kitchen counter, or floor. Maybe put one in the glove box of the car because you’ve always thought about knocking boots in the backseat, er or passenger seat. Once both of you have hidden all of the condoms let the games begin! Be sure to set some ground rules from the beginning if there is anything that might make either one of you uncomfortable, like sex where others can see you. If played right, you’ll have the best time and come away with loving condoms all the more.

Pretty little lingerie

Ah, this is my favorite. Personally, I have a weakness for lingerie. I have found that it is actually more for me than for the other person majority of the time. It just has a way of making me feel sexy, really sexy. So here is the challenge: one morning before you go to work put on a pair of your hottest bra and panties or tight boxer briefs if you’re a dude. However, make sure you wear something that is comfortable enough that you can wear it for a full eight hours and not be in pain. As the day goes on you’ll feel more and more sensual. It’s like the dirty little secret only you know about – if only your coworkers knew! Once you meet up with your sweetie you’ll be so turned on that your clothes will practically take themselves off and what a surprise for them! Since you’ll know all day long what is to come it provides you with enough time to figure out any contraception and condom needs

Having somewhat prepared spontaneous sex can be really exciting and enjoyable! Make contraception a fun part of sex. Seriously, it can be really amazing.

Written by Kristine Esser
Kristine is a sex, relationship and marketing writer who calls Indianapolis home. When she isn’t reading and researching the former she is perfecting her poetry and giving her friends dating and sex advice. Feel free to reach out to her for any advice you’d like.

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