Healthy Psychology and Healthy Sex

Our friends at the National Campaign to Reduce Unintended Pregnancy recently wrote about the link between healthy psychology and healthy sex. A new study shows a relationship between positive psychological development and sexual heath for 18-29-year-old women.

While studies have shown that young women are more likely to use birth control, less likely to have unintended pregnancies as teens and more likely to protect themselves from STDs if they are psychologically and socially healthy, this new study shows that these women are also more likely to have more positive, enjoyable sexual experiences. And that’s a good thing. The study doesn’t show whether healthy psychology leads to healthy sex, or if it’s the other way around, but it does show that feeling good about yourself and feeling good sexually are connected.

While many factors contribute to both psychological health and sexual health, at we think one of the most important things young women can do to feel both psychologically and sexually satisfied is Just Talk About It. Communicating about important family planning topics with friends, family, healthcare providers and partners is one of the many ways to normalize the conversation about sexual health. If you need help getting those conversations started, visit our Get Talking section for tips on how to discuss sexual health topics with the important people in your life.