Here, You See Us. Here, You Don’t.

Since launching, we’ve done a hefty amount of advertising throughout Colorado. Hopefully you’ve seen or heard an ad or two when you’ve been walking, driving, waiting for the bus, chilling at home or gallivanting around town.


Thanks to plenty of cool Colorado companies, we’ve been able to spread the word about pregnancy, birth control and STDs all around the state, and we’re grateful that they’ve jumped on board with our approach. So now we’d like to give a shout out to these super supporters: Pandora, RTD busses, top bars around the state, billboards, radio, news stations (stories they pick up), Comcast after 9pm, GoogleAd Words and Westword online. You guys rock, and we appreciate the solidarity in helping promote good sexual health and planning for pregnancy in Colorado.


But then there are others who have decided that the topics just wants to talk about aren’t suitable for display or discussion. We’ve actually been really surprised by which organizations won’t let us advertise, and their negativity about’s purpose makes it all the more obvious how important it is to transform ‘sexual health’ from a four-letter word to an open conversation.


Did you know these folks rejected


1) A strip club. Apparently our playful phrase “Put it on when she takes it off” as a reference to safe sex and condoms wasn’t something they thought was worthy or relevant in a place literally oozing with sexual energy.

2) Google video ads. Here you can find ads all kinds of prescription drugs, workouts for tight buns, sexy getaways and adulterous spouses aplenty, but as soon as you bring up between-the-sheets safety, the brakes go on…hard. Google restricted both our video content and static display ads simply because they referenced birth control.

3) Pepsi Center. Despite the fact that this popular destination is all but surrounded by billboards and bus ads, their decision makers feel that encouraging people to think and talk about birth control, pregnancy and STDs is inappropriate at this venue at any time—even during events geared toward or limited to adults.

4) Cinemark Theaters. There are seven forbidden words of radio, and apparently just two for pre-movie commercials: “birth” and “control.” Cinemark mandated that we not list “Birth Control” in the tagline of our video spot and create a custom landing page without the topic listed. So now movie patrons at R movies can safely watch overwhelming violence, wildly sexual content, abuse, profanity and gore without having to worry about all that birth control messaging beforehand. What a relief.

5) Comcast before 9pm. You can’t touch your remote without landing on cleavage and sex-loaded innuendo on broadcast, and the adult content on MTV, Comedy Central, FX and all kinds of primetime programming is abundant, to say the least. But mentioning birth control on one of these same Denver-airing Comcast network before 9pm? That would just be ludicrous. While our pregnancy-focused spot was approved for all areas at all times, our birth control video, which was approved for all time slots in Grand Junction and Colorado Springs, was restricted from airing in the Denver area before 9pm.

While we certainly understand that every business has the right to reject’s ads, we just wish that there wasn’t so much hypocrisy involved. Sex is everywhere, and our world is full of easily accessible highly adult content, yet when it comes to discussing sexual health people clam up. But with you, our trusty Beforeplayers by our side, we can keep the conversation going and make sure more of Colorado’s sexual health gets better every day. Let’s keep talking about it!