Kori Wilford: Outreach Coordinator Blog

What does Beforeplay.org mean to you?

It means being thoughtful about sex and taking control of your sexual health and well-being. I think of the term as a sex-positive word to describe the thinking, talking and acting that should take place before hooking up, before starting a birth control method, before thinking about becoming a parent or trying to get pregnant. Sex is a normal part of who we are as humans and everything about it deserves to be discussed in a normal way–the discussions we have with our friends and the questions we have are valid!


How did you get involved in Beforeplay.org?

I have worked with a local health department teaching sexual health education and doing outreach about how to access low-cost clinic services. As part of my field experience for my graduate degree in public health, I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to work with the Beforeplay.org team to provide input on the development of the campaign. I helped write content and provided feedback about the “feel” of the campaign. After completing my MPH degree, I was hired to organize strategic outreach efforts to share Beforeplay.org with young adults in Colorado.

What is your favorite Beforeplay.org ad and why?

My favorite ad is “I’m a little naughty, but I keep it safe” because it is a message that speaks to young adults–it’s sex positive and suggests that safe doesn’t mean boring or bad. Safe is Sexy–this ad promotes that! I also think it’s a beautifully composed photograph, as are all of our photos of local Colorado people by Denver photographer Bryce Boyer.


(The campaign) is fun and relevant–it approaches the subject of sex in a fun but not off-putting way. The information provided is constantly being updated and tough questions and subjects are being addressed. I think it is the very best resource I’ve seen anywhere for this sort of information. I love that the entire site is in both English and Spanish. I also love that it addresses the sexual health needs of ALL people, not just heterosexual couples.

What is your favorite Beforeplay.org outreach item and why?

The poetry magnets are wonderful! They spark such fun conversation and I just love hearing people tell me that they have all three versions on their fridge and it often serves as a great conversation starter when friends and family visit!


Has Beforeplay.org impacted you in any way and how?

I am proud to do work that has an impact on others. I have close friends who are able to talk to me about sexual health concerns and issues and I’m glad to be that friend. It feels good when people tell me that something I said made a difference in their life or helped them make a decision or consider things they hadn’t considered before (about birth control, condom use, STDs, starting a family, etc.)


How do people usually react when you mention Beforeplay.org?

“OH my GOSH! I love Beforeplay! I really love what you guys are doing and the way that you’ve made sex and talking about it normal and fun! I love that it’s not judgy or prescriptive, but gives me the information and resources to make decisions that make sense in my life and relationships.”
What is your favorite outreach interaction that you have had with others?

I really enjoy working with students and student groups on campuses and other volunteers who are so passionate about promoting sexual health that they start their own outreach activities–sharing information with friends, at parties and planning events to promote safe sex and having good conversations. My favorite interactions usually involve getting people correct information and watching them have a moment of clarity where they feel confident to take healthy actions for their own health and well-being. Hearing someone say, “wow, I never thought about it that way…thank you for being so open and making this easy to talk about” is the best.

What have you learned since being involved with Beforeplay.org?

I’ve learned that sometimes sex can be difficult to discuss for some people, but it doesn’t have to be. Beforeplay.org has helped to bring the subject out in the open and make it a normal part of a conversation. I’ve learned about the wonderful impact that community agencies, local businesses and bars and other locations that have shared Beforeplay.org information can have. I’m happy to live in a state that sees the value of education and providing people in their communities with resources to be healthy.

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