LILETTA – The Newest IUD in Town

More and more women in the United States – and especially in Colorado – are choosing to use IUDs and implants, the most effective birth control methods. There are lots of reasons behind the increase in use – more health care providers are trained to provide them, more insurance plans are covering them, and more women value the convenience of a one-time insertion that protects them for up to 3 to 10 years, depending on the method. Women don’t have to remember to do something every day or every month to keep their birth control working. Once an IUD or implant is in place, it’s forgettable!

Women now have one more IUD option – and it’s the lowest-cost one out there. We want to introduce you to LILETTA.

LILETTA is a tiny, flexible plastic IUD that releases a small amount of progestin hormone in the uterus. It works by thickening the mucus inside the cervix, which creates a barrier that sperm cannot penetrate. While it’s new, LILETTA has been through the largest IUD trial ever conducted in the United States.

This IUD works for up to three years – and is currently being tested to see if it remains effective for up to seven years. Like other IUDs and implants, your ability to become pregnant returns as soon as it is removed.

Like other contraceptives, there may be side effects to be aware of. Some women who use this IUD may have lighter periods or no periods until it is removed. And for some, that is a welcomed side effect! Be sure to ask your health care provider any questions you may have before selecting this method.

Women of any age can use LILETTA. If you’re interested in using it, or any other method, visit’s Health Center Locator to make an appointment with a provider near you.

Let’s give it up for more options – especially ones that are safe, effective and fit anyone’s budget.