More Are Choosing a Childfree Life

The norm in the United States may be that kids grow up and become parents themselves. Kids often spend time playing “house” with dolls, this is followed by every possible media outlet emphasizing celebrity baby bumps, and soon they are faced with family members asking (or pressuring) when they’re going to have kids. But increasingly, young women are bucking this norm.

More than ever before, a growing number of women are deciding not to have children – 47 percent of women up to age 44 don’t have children, reflecting a 35 percent increase since 1976. This personal and private decision is based on a range of reasons – be it financial (it costs about $245,000 to raise a child these days), prioritizing other relationships, not being driven by a maternal instinct, environmental (there is no shortage of people on the planet), having other – stronger desires, thinking you may just not be good at being a parent and more.

For whatever the personal reason, there is also a growing public acceptance of those being “childless by choice.” And we just want to reinforce – though the societal norm still leans toward parenting – it’s your decision to make, and you’re the best one to make it.

While you take the time to make this decision for you – perhaps with your partner as well – go ahead and use a reliable birth control method to keep you childfree until you decide differently (or permanently).’s birth control method selector is there to help you choose an effective way to not be a parent. You’re in the driver’s seat (with no child seat behind you) on this one!