More Births Happening Outside Marriage – What’s Right For You?

For the past 50 years, the number of children born to unmarried people has grown – and now more than half of all births are outside of marriage. The bulk of these births are to women in their 20s – who have spent some time in college, but haven’t graduated with a degree. The majority of people who get pregnant outside of marriage didn’t mean to – especially when the couples aren’t living together. The data is interesting (for data) and provides food for thought.

Whether pregnancy happens in or outside of marriage, it’s in your power to make sure that’s in your plan and one for which you’re ready. Making decisions about marriage and parenting are big ones – and spending the time to think it through and then decide what’s next will impact not only the adults involved, but the well being of the child in a lot of ways.

The shape and look of families is changing for all kinds of reasons – all part of the changing world in which we live. There are some things that are truly out of our control, but when and if you get pregnant is up to you and what that looks like within or out of marriage deserves serious consideration. Taking charge in our own lives is up to us.