Natalie Higgins: Outreach Organizer Blog

What does mean to you?

To me, means getting knowledge through simple conversation. Talking to just one person about your sexual health can make a difference.

How did you get involved in

I saw the bus ads and went searching for a way to get involved. Kori was really helpful with information about internships and before I really knew what was going on, I was an outreach intern!

What is your favorite ad and why?

“Do you have a raincoat for your sailor?” It’s goofy, it’s funny, and it shows that not all conversations about sexual health need to be stern and serious. Sexual Health can be fun!

What is your favorite outreach item and why?

I love the poem magnets; I even have one on my own refrigerator. I just like how all the words involving sex AND sexual health are shown as one and the same.

Has impacted you in any way and how?

Yes it has. It’s given me an outlet for my passion about sexual health and education, but it’s shown me that the best way to teach people about it isn’t just through a classroom; it’s from normal conversations.

How do people usually react when you mention

“That is the best internship ever!” They also have a ton of questions about website features and get really excited to learn more.

What is your favorite outreach interaction that you have had with others?

My favorite was walking past a campus tour, today (valentines day) actually. There was a mother and son taking pictures of the campus, and she went out of her way to come get some condoms and stickers for her son. She told me that she was really glad I was working for a sexual health website because she never knew anything about sexual health in college. She’s glad to see that young people have access to this knowledge now.

What have you learned since being involved with

I have learned two things. 1. Most people have not put much thought into their sexual health up until now. 2. People really like to ask a girl dressed in a fairy costume questions about birth control.

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