New causes for infertility down the line identified: cigarette smoke

The public has been informed for years about how cigarette smoke, among other things, can be a barrier to getting pregnant – for women and men. Cigarette smoke is unhealthy for babies before they are born and can have lasting impact as they grow up.

Interesting new research from down under (Australia, that is) is looking at a new, long-term impact: the connection between pregnant women being exposed to chemicals in cigarette smoke and that fetus’ ability to produce healthy eggs to become pregnant in the future. It means that when you were just an egg and your mother was exposed to cigarette smoke, that smoke could limit your own fertility and ability to get pregnant.

Now don’t go off thinking that that means you don’t need to use birth control – or head to a fertility clinic, which ever your desire about parenting children it. It does mean there is yet another reason to steer clear of smoking – even second hand smoke. We’re learning more and more of the ongoing implications and it could lead to challenges getting pregnant. And – a reminder – if you are having sex and don’t want to be pregnant, find a good birth control method for you. Our method selector and health center finder can help.