Nicole Schaub: Northern Michigan Outreach Team Member

Tell us a little about yourself:
I work as a Community Planner for DHD #10 and I enjoy participating in outreach events for because it gives me a chance to connect with community members one on one. Even though I am from the Northern Michigan area, I find there is always more to learn when you take a chance to listen!

What does mean to you?
I’m right at the age where half of my friends have children and half are nowhere near ready to have children. Working with is great because it’s a resource that I can talk to either group of friends about. It’s a quick, reliable resource on sexual health that they can reach wherever they need it – at home, at the doctor’s office, or on the go.

How did you get involved in (maybe talk about your interest in health/sexual health)
I started working with in relation to my work with immunizations. HPV is the most common STD out there and it can lead to a variety of cancers. Unfortunately, awareness of the fact that the HPV vaccine can prevent certain cancers of HPV is incredibly low. Once I started sharing information and performing outreach for, I was able to guide people in my community to a resource that informed them on HPV and a variety of other sexual and pre-conception health matters.

What is your favorite outreach item and why?
I really enjoy the “Fiesta” sticker. It’s a great conversation starter on why there’s no one method of birth control that works best for everyone. It also is a great lead in to get people to visit the website and see the birth control features on