Nicole Smith: Northern Michigan Outreach Team Member


Tell us a little about yourself:
I graduated from Central Michigan University in December of 2013 with my B.S. in Public Health Education and Health Promotion. I currently work in a variety of public health programs, promoting healthy living from almost every angle! In my free time I love hiking, walking and playing with my dog Lacey and boyfriend Adam, and indulging in reality TV.

What does mean to you? to me means sexual freedom! It means getting the facts of sexual health from a reliable, non-biased source! It means learning more, without actually seeking out the information that you’re learning. Sneaky!

How did you get involved in
In college I participated in the “Safer Sex Patrol” and a “Safer Sex Week” for the public health honorary I belonged to, Eta Sigma Gamma. I also facilitated an intro to human sexuality course my senior year. I have always had an interest in teaching others about practicing safe sex. I am so excited that my past experiences and interests in sexual health have allowed me to promote for work!

What is your favorite outreach item and why?
My favorite outreach item is by far the conversation magnets. Not only are they fun, but they get people thinking and they allow for creativity. The conversation magnets draw people in and they encourage the theme of “Just talk about it”.