Providers & Health Educators

As a health care provider, guiding patients through the topics of birth control, pregnancy, STIs and overall sexual health is crucial. But it can also be a challenge to find resources that your patients can relate to. That’s why is here. It’s our goal to help you provide the best possible care for the women and men in your practice through relevant and up-to-date clinical reproductive health service information.

The first step is a simple question that should be asked at every visit: What are you doing about birth control?

Be proactive in bringing up the topic of birth control rather than waiting for your patient to say something because things may have changed since his or her last visit. Female patients may have stopped using their method for a number of reasons, such as side effects, cost, new sexual situation, or a desire to get pregnant. By actively engaging in conversation with your patients, you can significantly reduce the risk of an unintended pregnancy by putting the birth control issue on your patient’s radar.

And don’t forget about men, who often get overlooked when it comes to birth control. Family planning isn’t just for women, so it is a good idea to make sure the reproductive health needs of men, including birth control and STI prevention, are being met as well.

Essential tools for health care providers and educators are also available, including the most up-to-date guidelines for contraception, pre-conception and STD treatment, refreshers on key issues, and training opportunities.