Quickies for Guys and Birth Control

You know you’re not ready to be a parent yet – and you have some options for birth control, but not many. Here’s some quickies to be supportive in preventing an unplanned pregnancy.

1. There are two birth control methods that men can be in charge of – condoms and vasectomies. They are sort of at opposite ends of the spectrum: a new condom needs to be used every single time you have sex to do it’s job of protecting you from STDs and making sure you don’t become an unexpected baby daddy; on the flip side a short (relatively painless) vasectomy is all it takes to protect you from an unwanted pregnancy forever. Vasectomy is forever, so if you’re planning on being part of the biological mix of future children, condoms are the best choice.

2. Even though there’s only two male birth control methods right now, you can support your partner with her birth control. After all, it benefits you both. Just talk about it with her – so you understand the effectiveness of the method she’s using, how you can help (remind her about taking her pill every day or paying for the method), or understand the side effects might be and how they could affect her personally or your sex life (like what to do next if you’re feeling the strings from her IUD during sex).

3. While there is a pretty big range of birth control options for women, only condoms also help prevent STIs. So you and your condoms play a big role when it comes to being STI-free. Make sure you’ve got some on hand – and know how to use them. They only work if used every time and used the right way.

4. If your partner is covered by health insurance, contraception should be available for no additional cost. Talk to her and encourage her to make use of this benefit and get the method that’s the best option for her. Even iff she doesn’t have health insurance, there are still low-cost options available. Why not encourage her to make an appointment, offer to go with her and become informed about the method she’s using. It could make safe even sexier for both of you.

5. Want to learn more about different methods so you can have a better conversation? Check out our Birth Control Method Selector. You both might think it’s just great to take her periods out of the equation – and the pill, patch, ring, shot, implant or Mirena IUD can do just that.

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