Quickies for Guys and Pregnancy

You and your partner Just Talked About It and thought about the emotional and practical aspects of parenting – and decided to become parents. Once you’ve done your part in conceiving, here are some other quickies to stay engaged.

1. Help her stay healthy. It’s not too shocking that it’s even more important now to eat right and stay active. Don’t be bossy about it – do some grocery shopping so there are healthy things around, find fun ways to get outside and moving and find other tasty and fun drinks to have to replace alcohol for a while. If either of you are smokers – there is no better time to quit.

2. Pregnancy brain can be very real – both from stress and big-dog hormonal changes. Forgetting the simplest of things, loosing things and goofing up routines and just being more forgetful. You can be the friendly reminder about taking those prenatal vitamins (no nagging) and maybe try and take care of some of those typical tasks that in the past she kept in her head, but has trouble tracking right now (your mom’s birthday, getting bills paid and stuff like that).

3. You’re up on some of the chores that need to be skipped by pregnant women: cleaning the cat litter (and if some little mice have made it into your living space, you need to clean up after them, too) and anything that has to do with chemicals, even some cleaning products. In any case, take a stab at finding household cleaners without any toxics – it’s good for all of you.

4. It’s pretty typical that sexual energy grows in the second trimester. Be creative and see what develops between you two. As the baby belly grows, sex will be more challenging – especially since she’s probably already pretty uncomfortable. Oral sex can be a great way to go – and the best bet is to Just Talk About It with her so that you’re both comfortable and satisfied.

5. This is a big step for both of you – and the emotions connected with becoming parents, as well as those created by her hormonal changes need a little nurturing. Talk, listen, share, reminisce and stuff like that that can just make you both feel supported.

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