Quran: Northern Michigan Outreach Team Member

Tell us a little about yourself:
Hey All!My name is Qur’an, sounds like Ko-ron J


What does Beforeplay.org mean to you?
Beforeplay.org means to me freedom to find answers to sexual health questions and make healthy decisions that work for you! #KnowledgeIsPower


How did you get involved in Beforeplay.org?
I worked for many years as a sexual health educator, working with young people to make healthy choices when it comes to sex, birth control, STI prevention and relationships. I am excited to have an online platform in which addresses sexual health.

What is your favorite Beforeplay.org outreach item and why?
I love the stickers; stickers are a form of expression in which people attach to things that mean something to them.


Has Beforeplay.org impacted you in any way and how?
Beforeplay.org has given me a tool and reference to guide people in getting comprehensive sexual health education, making healthy decisions and safer sex practices.


What have you learned since being involved with Beforeplay.org?
I have learned that people enjoy talking about sex and making healthy decisions for themselves and their partners.