Sophie Dila: Outreach Organizer Blog

What does mean to you? is a truly cutting-edge sexual health campaign. With its statewide focus, the campaign speaks directly to the diverse Colorado audience, one that is unique from the rest of the United States. is approachable, down to earth, and real about sexual health issues.

How did you get involved in

One of my close friends who works at CDPHE told me about the campaign and suggested I apply to be an Outreach Organizer.

What is your favorite ad and why?

It’s so hard to choose a favorite ad! They’re all really cool and powerful. My favorite part is that all of the “models” are just normal Colorado citizens.

What is your favorite outreach item and why?

The sexy poetry magnets are fun, creative, and a great conversation starter.

Has impacted you in any way and how?

Working with has been an absolute blast. I have loved working with an incredibly talented staff who are passionate about sexual and reproductive health and women’s rights. These women motivate me to keep fighting the good fight – and to have a blast while doing so!

How do people usually react when you mention

They think it’s super cool.

What is your favorite outreach interaction that you have had with others?

I’ve loved working with the harder to reach populations: youth who are impacted by human trafficking, people who inject drugs, the GLBT community, and the Latino population. Many people within these groups did not have information about sexual health growing up and some have little access to health care now. It means a lot to me to be able to help people out a little bit and give them some tools to lead a healthier lifestyle.

What have you learned since being involved with

Working with has reaffirmed a notion that I’ve carried with me for a long time: “Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

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