Why Birth Control is Part of My Life

I was born and raised in Denver, am the oldest of five children, and am 20 years old. I’m currently working at a restaurant part time as I earn my associates degree in psychology from the Community College of Denver.

You might wonder why I’ve chosen to write so publically about a topic that most people never discuss. The reason for this is having access to effective contraception is a big part of the reason I am able to pursue my future goals. Because of this, I feel an obligation to share my story with others who could benefit from using it.

When I was 17, I had a conversation with my parents about birth control. They were glad I came to them and they took me to Denver Health for an appointment. When I told the doctor I wanted to go on birth control, he gave me a variety of options and helped me, with the support of my parents, decide which would be the best choice. When I decided a hormonal implant was the right fit for me, the doctor reminded me that hormonal implants only protect against pregnancy, not STDS, which I understood.

My choice to begin birth control would soon be even more important when my boyfriend at the time became abusive. I knew this relationship was unhealthy and I got out of it. Because I had been on birth control, I was able to stay on my path, graduate from high school, and enroll in college.

I am a responsible young woman who is making thoughtful decisions about my life and my future. Birth control helped me stay on track and continue to achieve my goals, which include ultimately getting a degree in psychology so I can help women and girls who have been sexually abused.

Recently, three years passed since I received my first hormonal implant. I went to Children’s Hospital to again use the services of this program and get another implant. I revisited all of my options with the doctor and decided this was still the best method for me.

Lucky for me, it’s one of the clinics that provide low- or no-cost contraception, which made the hormonal implant affordable for me. I strongly believe that other young women should not be prevented from having access to this birth control just because of the cost. If you need to find a health care provider that provides these affordable services, check out this health center locator. I want every woman to have a chance at success.

Caitlin Green