Testimonial – Cynthia Gallegos

“As a first generation Mexican-American and a single mother of a teenage boy, I worry how I am going to explain certain aspects of intimacy. Simultaneously, as the executive director of the nonprofit organization Focus Points Family Resource Center, which primarily serving the Spanish-speaking community, my team and I determined three years ago we could create culturally relevant curriculum. We decided to ask our local community what family planning meant to them to help develop this curriculum. Through a collaborative effort, including the help from participants in our family programs – many of whom are already parents – we discovered a desire for the curriculum to be deeply rooted in traditional values. They also wanted to deliver the messages to their children from their own life experience. Familias Extrodinarias is the final curriculum for a program that we truly believe will open discussions between parents and their children in a healthy way. It begins by allowing parents to envision the ideal future for their family and for their child(ren). The curriculum covers positive communication techniques, anatomy, psychological changes, as well as clearing up misconceptions about contraception options. By simply demystifying the difficult discussion we believe that the family planning concept can become more widely understood. I’ve committed myself to learning as much as possible on the topic of family planning in an effort of reducing unintended pregnancies in the Latino culture. Beforeplay is another way I see helping open up the discussion. It is my hope to positively change the current trends by normalizing the topic of sexuality.”

Cynthia Gallegos, Executive Director, Focus Points Family Resource Center