Thanks Janese For Your Support! has been getting a lot of attention and sparking conversation throughout Colorado and across the country. We are excited about the rich dialogue and correspondence that we’ve received and thought we might share a few highlights.

Janese L. recently expressed her enthusiasm for “the easy access to a wealth of information about safe sex, pregnancy and birth control as well as conversation starters” available on the website. But even more so, she resonated with “the intent behind such a website: to keep Colorado healthy, safe and well informed on these topics. I spent a number of years in Idaho where there are few sexual education programs for adolescents or pre-adolescents and, it follows, there are a lot of misconceptions about sex, pregnancy and birth control; as such, I understand the importance of education on this topic for the health of one’s community. I strongly support what this website is promoting and applaud the efforts to educate the Colorado community on these topics to make the state healthier and more informed.”

Thanks for your support and concern for these critical topics, Janese!

If you would like to share your thoughts on the importance of having the conversation about sexual health or on the campaign, we’d love to hear from you. You can use the contact us form on the website or send us a message on Facebook.