Play & Hydrate: The Best After Sex Drinks

While (most) sex sessions may not be as arduous as running a marathon, doing dead lifts or sweating your way through a Crossfit class, they’re still pretty darned physical. So the next time you’re burning calories or working on your endurance between the sheets, consider sipping on some fun and flavorful drinks to keep you hydrated and performing at your peak. We even found a few drinks that have sexy side effects we think you’ll enjoy.

First things first though, our short list of after sex drink rules:

  • Bye-bye, booze.

Really want to rehydrate after some quality time in the sack? Ditch the alcohol and pour yourself a glass of the basics: water, juices and sports drinks.

  • Lighten up.

The best after sex drink will be light and flavorful so it doesn’t weight you down when it’s time for round two. Consider adding some sparkling water to your favorite juice for some uplifting bubble action.

  • Watch the calories.

Drinks can have a lot more calories that you may have bargained for, so make sure you know what you’re guzzling before you start tossing them back. Just to shed some light on the real numbers: the average person will burn about 90 calories in the average sex session. That’s about ¾ of a bottle of sports drink, 1 cup of orange juice, ¾ of a can of soda, or all the water you can drink. Gulp, ahhhhh…

And now, the top three drinks that may have a very happy impact on your sex life:

  1. Pineapple Juice

You gotta love this tropical treat because pineapple juice has been known to improve the flavor of semen. So if you’re looking for a slightly sweeter experience when you “go downtown,” have your guy drink a glass of this bright beverage a couple of hours beforehand. Couples have reported that it cuts the bitter sourness of cum and helps make it more palatable. Interesting stuff.

  1. Cranberry Juice

Cranberries have long been praised for their natural aphrodisiac qualities, but the sexual benefits don’t stop there. These little ruby berries are full of vitamins C and A, which help promote healthy sex glands and circulation for when your blood gets pumping with your partner. Moreover, cranberries are rich in antioxidants (which encourage vitality by taking down cell-damaging free radicals) and phytochemicals (which can be helpful in maintaining a healthy heart).

  1. Chocolate Milkshakes

Or pretty much anything chocolate. Or milky for that matter. Chocolate is one of the world’s most sensual foods, and the dark version has nutrients like antioxidants to keep your body at its best. And milk is full of protein and energy to keep you going strong for the long haul. It’s refreshing and packed with nourishing vitamins and minerals, plus it isn’t acidic, so it can balance out any spicy food (and resulting heartburn) from earlier.

Thirsty yet? We sure are. So no matter what you end up drinking, just remember to always stay safe. Hey, we’re all for mixing beds with beverages and staying hydrated during “workouts,” but just remember that sex and too much alcohol definitely don’t mix. You and your partner(s) need to be clearheaded enough to able to express clear consent every time you have sex, not to mention that doing the deed isn’t nearly as much fun if you can’t remember it afterwards. Cheers!