The Pre-Pregnancy Ponder

Okay, so you think you’re ready for the big B.A.B.Y? Congrats! This is a very exciting time that’s bursting with fun and possibilities. As you know, it also comes with some serious considerations, including (but absolutely not limited to) morning sickness (ugh), financial strain (double ugh) and disagreements with your partner (“You said what?!?!”).

So before you light the candles and put on some sensual mood music to set the tone for baby-making magic, here are a few things to ask yourself. Because a little, tiny baby is a big, huge commitment, so we want to make sure you and your partner have thought of all the ifs, ands and buts.

  • Physical Changes

Pregnancy will change your body—surprise!—so you need to really think about how that makes you feel. Are you ready and willing to take the vitamins, stay fit and active, go to all your doctor appointments, deal with sleep issues and gain necessary weight in a healthy way during pregnancy? And how about all the physical changes you and your partner’s bodies will go through once the baby has arrived? Think about sleeping less, breastfeeding schedules, finding time to stay healthy and set a good example for your little one. It’s a lot to think about.

  • Financial Changes

Babies are expensive, so you definitely want to consider how you and your partner plan to afford such a substantial new expense in your budget. Also, do you think your employer will be accommodating to your new-parent needs? Do you have enough reliable, steady income to provide everything your baby will need to grow up happy and healthy? Do you have savings? Debt? A backup plan for if you lose your job?

  • Mental Changes

No responsibility comes without its brain busters. Before jumping on the baby bandwagon, make sure to think about your mental well-being and figure out if you are truly ready for what’s to come. Do you feel secure in your relationship? Do you have a support system you can trust to help you? Do you feel like you have achieved everything you hoped for before having kids?

These are all crucial things to consider before getting pregnant, and we actually have a helpful series of questions to ask yourself as you decide. So head over to our Are You Ready Pregnancy Tool to find out if now is the right time to grow your family, or if you might have a few more things to figure out first.