Unprotected Sex Just Ain’t Safe

At Beforeplay.org, safe sex is totally our jam. We’re all about making sure that everyone has the facts they need to find the right birth control method, avoid unintended pregnancy, protect against STDs, be comfortable in their sexuality and have a whole lotta fun in the sack while they’re at it. We’re also here to encourage you all to get talking because when it comes to getting down and dirty, safe sex isn’t just about protecting your body, it’s also about protecting your mind.

All the things we mentioned above are factors in the world of truly safe sex, and the reality is: any form of unprotected sex is not safe because “protection” doesn’t just mean using condoms (though that’s definitely part of it). If your emotions, body, confidence or anything else is unprotected, that kind of sex just ain’t safe.

Likewise, “safe sex” doesn’t always mean “sex with birth control.” Example: you and partner have both tested negative for STDs, have decided to start a family together and are putting biology in action to make it happen. In that case, you may not be using birth control, but you’re both still safe and protected. Make sense?

So then what is safe sex exactly? Well, it’s emotional and physical safety during any kind of sexual activity. Mentally, it’s important that you and your partner have both established clear consent that you both want to do and are comfortable with what you’re doing. If anything seems iffy, stop, talk it over and then get back to business if you’re both agreed. Otherwise, put the brakes on immediately. Engaging in a sexual act that you’re not comfortable with can have a negative impact on you long-term, not to mention it can also affect relationships and your sexual comfort levels in the future.

From a physical standpoint, you also want to make sure that you’re keeping your body safe from both unintended pregnancy and, of course, STDs. To conquer these goals:

  1. You should both get tested at a health care center so you know your STD status. Remember: there are a lot of STDs that you may not even know you have because they don’t have any real symptoms, so testing is the only way to know for sure.
  2. If you are both STDs-free, an effective form of birth control can keep you pregnancy-free, too. Male and female condoms are the only method of birth control that helps protect against STDs, which makes them especially important when you’re getting frisky with a new partner.

So if you ever find yourself wondering, “Is unprotected sex ever safe?” just ask yourself two simple questions: Do I feel physically safe and am I protecting my body from things I don’t want or am not ready for? And do I feel mentally safe and have we both given consent? If you’ve answered yes to both, it sounds like safe sex is on the menu and we say, “Order up!”