What Men Need to Know About STDs

Because STDs and STIs are on the rise, Beforeplay.org encourages everyone to be thinking about it – not just during STD Awareness Month, but all the time. A lot of STDs can be treated once they are diagnosed, but a lot more people don’t ever know they have them. There could be lots of reasons for the rise in STDs – but whatever the reason, it is a reality and we want you to stay safe. STDs can be life altering. Information is power – so to feed your own power, we’re sharing this infographic to help your education and understanding about steps to take.

There’s key info from Centers for Disease Control; the possible causes for the rise in the figures; it looks at some expert opinion on the matter and it also pinpoints the main characteristics of some of the major STDs and also highlights prevention measures. And while it’s focused on information men need to know, it’s great for women to see, too. Thanks to Carvaka Adult Toys for the infographic.

Take control of your health – be safe.