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Just Talk About It is here to help people think, talk about and take action on some of life’s biggest decisions–ones that often don’t get enough attention. Our focus is to provide Colorado with important information resources and help “normalize” conversation around sexual health and well being in the state. Join the discussion and just talk about it with your partners, friends, family, health care providers, and with us.


eHealth Radio Network:, a Colorado Sexual Health and Pregnancy Prevention Campaign

eHealth Radio Network | Feb 10, 2015

Greta Klingler, the Director of the Colorado Family Planning Initiative at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment again joins eHealth Radio and the Sexual Health Channel to discuss the latest… Read more »

A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind: Beforeplay: Normalizing the Way We Talk About Sex

A Good Woman's Dirty Mind | Oct 20, 2014

By Bobbie Morgan The State of Colorado had a problem that wasn’t unique among other states. About 50% pregnancies in the state were unintended and that percentage of was higher… Read more »

Upcoming Events

The Light Fantastic

April 4, 9:00 PM
EXDO Event Center, 1399 35th Street, Denver

It’s a white dress party complete with glow stick and black lights! Our condoms, lube and stickers don’t glow in the dark, but we’ll be passing them out to the… Read more »

Unprotected Sex is a Slippery Slope

April 10, 3:00 PM-5:00 PM
Fort Lewis College, West Side Quad, Durango, CO

Come join’s team in a slippery and fun event. There will be a slip-n-slide with different obstacles to simulate getting STD’s. 


April 9 - April 11
Colorado School of Mines

Fireworks, concerts, and of course, parties. will be heading to Golden to join in the fun! We’ll have free condoms, lube, stickers, buttons and magnets in tow.